Who We Are

About Us

Our company was established in July of 2016. We are a family owned and operated real estate investment business. We are Philadelphia natives with a long history in home renovations and construction. Our company is mostly comprised of Morrison family relatives and a select group of close family friends.

We pool our resources, leverage personal knowledge of the Philadelphia market, and utilize home renovation and construction skills to produce profitable returns for us and our investors.

We flip houses (purchase houses that are in need of repair at a low cost, fix them up to increase the value and sell them for a profit). Simultaneously, we are looking to expand our rental portfolio by purchasing additional 1-4 multi-family unit properties in working class areas.

Mission Statement

“Enhance communities by providing quality housing for residents, bring prosperity to our members, and attractive” earnings to our investors.

Our Value System

  • We are always honorable
  • We are guided by integrity and principal
  • We value our clients/tenants
  • We commit to providing our clients/tenants with a well-managed and well maintained properties
  • We are good stewards of the earth
  • We serve and help provide for those in need
  • We ensure the wellbeing of each team member by incorporating and practicing life balance


Our vision is a world where everyone is afforded the opportunity to dwell in communities of beauty and fine craftsmanship. We support this vision by repairing, redesigning, and renovating with respect and integrity for the areas we serve. 


For real estate inquiries contact morrisonsandassociates@gmail.com

For joint venture, strategic partnership, speaking engagements or press contact morrisonsandassociates@gmail.com