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“We have had the pleasure of doing business with the Morrison family, who are successfully developing a self-sustaining real estate business, for approximately five years. The Morrisons are extremely admirable, both individually and collectively, pooling a variety of resources and talents to realize their family dream. We have been impressed how, through reading and networking, the Morrisons are well grounded in forces impacting the real estate market. Family members educate one another through research and presentations at weekly family dinners. Each member of the family is thoughtful about their intentions before effectively executing their plan. Through our role as lenders, we have seen many of their home renovation projects. The Morrisons are dedicated to completing projects with quality work and beautiful aesthetics. Each project has been exemplary. They empathically put themselves in the place of the buyer and complete renovations as though they were to live in the home. The Morrisons uphold their commitments and have a work ethic that is unparalleled. Beyond having a business relationship, each member of the Morrison family is a complete pleasure to work with, and each has a high level of warmth, courtesy and friendliness. We recommend the Morrisons extremely highly and look very forward to our continued relationship with the family.”

Michael Yalowitz & Karen Fischer
123 Lending.net

“The Morrison family has been long time friends, colleagues and clients of mine. I have worked with them as their Realtor, walked thru deals with them, consultant on construction projects, we have looked at wholesale deals together and other capacities as it relates to real estate investing. They have been one of the most professional, reliable and knowledgeable group of people I’ve worked with. The workmanship on their houses is top notch. They have built up a  great family organization and I am grateful they trust me to be part of their team.”

David J Ahlzadeh
Keller Williams Realty
Licensed in NJ and Pa

“I have been working with the extended Morrison Family for about 8 years. I greatly enjoy working with all of the team members because they individually and collectively have a unique set of outstanding skills and personal characteristics, including vision, quality of work, uncompromising ethics, attention to detail, thorough project management and analysis skills, all of which are combined in excellent teamwork. I have witnessed the team execute real estate projects from evaluating physically distressed shells before purchase all the way through the design and completion of full renovations to deliver a highly impressive product that people absolutely love. I have also worked with the extended Morrison Family team on projects outside of real estate and I am constantly amazed when I experience the highest standards of behaviors and performance in all areas in which they thoughtfully choose to engage. I rarely endorse teams but the extended Morrison Family is unmatched in the compelling manner that they approach and execute projects in all areas, in real estate and outside of real estate.”

Testimonial by Marc Halpern
Real Estate Investor and Coach


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